Teksa Logistic

Your reliable partner in freight transportation.

We offer a wide range of transportation solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.


High-quality freight services

We believe in the importance of traffic and communication, and we strive to provide efficient, reliable and innovative transportation service for our customers.

Our philosophy is based on several principles:

Service quality

We aim to deliver the high-quality service to our customers. We understand that each client is unique, and our goal is to meet their needs by offering a personalized approach and a perfect level of service.

Safety and reliability

Safety is our priority. We take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of our passengers, cargo, and staff. We monitor the condition of our fleet, maintain it in good working order, and apply advanced technologies to ensure the reliability of our operations.

Sustainability and responsibility

We strive to be responsible contributors in the transportation industry. We adhere to principles of sustainable development, minimizing negative impact on the environment, and supporting community and social initiatives. We encourage efficient resource utilization, emission reduction, and the adoption of environmentally friendly technologies.

Reliable worldwide delivery

Our philosophy is embodied in every aspect of our work, from providing services to interacting with clients and making a positive impact on society. We strive to be leaders in the transportation industry, constantly evolving and exceeding our clients' expectations.

Innovation and development

We are always committed to innovation and development. Evolving technologies and customer needs require us to continuously improve and adapt. We explore new approaches, methods, and technologies to enhance our efficiency, offer new services, and increase customer satisfaction.

Professional team

We understand that our success relies on our team. We aim to create an inspiring work environment where every employee has the opportunity to realize their potential and achieve professional growth. We value honesty, collaboration, and respect in our relationships, both within the company and with our partners and clients.



Negotiating hours



Container transportation

We provide reliable and efficient container transportation services worldwide, offering optimal solutions for various types of cargo.

"Warehousing service

Dependable storage of goods in modern warehouses equipped with security and temperature control systems, inventory management, and flexible lease terms.

Customs сlearance

We offer efficient customs clearance services, including document preparation and process coordination. Our team has extensive experience working with customs authorities.


We provide logistics consulting services, assisting in process optimization and problem-solving for our clients. We take an individual approach to addressing the unique needs of each client.

Our offices


Jana III Sobieskiego, 22

21-500 Biała Podlaska, Poland

+48 500 387 854



GOBK, 7/1

224005 Brest, Belarus

+375 29 722 45 68



Marshala Zhukova, 172

143300 Naro-Fominsk, Russia

+7 495 741-32-32



Berezovaya Alley, 5A, building 1-3

127273 Moscow, Russia

+7 985 265 38 98



Al-Farabi Avenue, 21, room 831

050013 Almaty, Kazakhstan

+7 727 310 94 61



Shirin, 2D

100057 Tashkent, Uzbekistan

+998 90 943 09 43